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Another Great Summer for Kikkoman at the BBC Good Food Show

24 Jul, 2019

Our seasoned team of event managers notched up another sterling performance at this summer’s BBC Good Food Show

Another Great Summer for Kikkoman at the BBC Good Food Show

Staged alongside the BBC Gardeners World Live show visitors came in droves for a great day out and to catch a glimpse of their favourite BBC celebrity.

Kikkoman is a favourite brand at the show. From its 5m x 5m bespoke stand our glamorous and hard-working promo team served copious amounts of teriyaki chicken, professionally cooked in front of the crowds by our very own resident chef, Tony Robertson.

Over 18,000 individual samples were handed out over the four day show and as always whichever Kikkoman sauce Tony used in his demonstration immediately caused a rush of sales of that product afterwards. There were a few occasions when our day’s allocation of Ponzu (citrus seasoned soy sauce) ran out. FML put a money off coupon into each shopping bag to incentivise future purchase from supermarkets after the show.

We were pleased to have Kikkoman’s latest Poke Sauce available to both showcase and sample to the public. Poke (pronounced po-KAY) has roots in Hawaii when decades ago Japanese immigrants created a dish of raw cubed fish and vegetables tossed in a soy sauce dressing, served over rice.

Another Great Summer for Kikkoman at the BBC Good Food Show

Our tastings of Poke Sauce went down a storm as visitors loved the addition of chilli to this flavourful sauce. “This will be perfect as a dipping sauce for sausages, chicken nuggets and really good over burgers and lamb chops. I’ll use this at my next BBQ and everyone will be fighting over it”, said one consumer, delighted that he had discovered this amazing new sauce.

We hit a record on the amount of Teriyaki sauces sampled and sold this year. Visitors were clearly receptive to ideas for convenience meals without compromising on taste and Tony gave them some great tips. This year we showed how quick, easy and nutritious suppers can be created in minutes with Kikkoman’s two stir-fry sauces - Teriyaki Sauce with Roasted Garlic and Teriyaki Sauce with Toasted Sesame.

The Summer is always a good time for outdoor eating and barbecues hence Teriyaki marinade is popular at the show. Tony also showed how to get kids excited for teriyaki at any time of the year by simply popping the marinated chicken into a wok, cooking it through, and coating it with couple of tablespoons of Kikkoman’s Teriyaki BBQ and Honey Sauce at the end. It’s the quickest and tastiest recipe for sticky chicken and everyone just loved it so we recommended making two lots so there’s enough for the kids and the adults!

The client was very happy that Kikkoman was sampled to such a huge number of receptive consumers at the the UK’s biggest food shows. FML also came close to selling out of all product lines and the coupon enabled redemptions to be tracked, which are expected to hit approx 8-10%.

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