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Not Social? 2017 is a year to share!

09 Jan, 2017

Are you and your brand embracing social media? 2017 is the year to make sure you are.

The world of digital media is constantly growing, day by day, slowly becoming the Incredible Hulk of modern day marketing and PR. So, chances are, you’ve probably embraced the trend and are active as can be on your social media channels, right?


If your answer to the above was typically Joey and along the lines of “Urm, yea of course, I always ‘retwitter’ things” then 2017 is your year to embrace the growing world of Social Media.

It’s a world that’s constantly evolving it can be a daunting process, especially for SME’s that might have a lot on their plate day to day, but nonetheless, it can provide an essential and informative way to spread your messaging and generate important leads.

If you’re unsure that time and budget spent on Social Media isn’t perhaps the way to go, then it’s time for some cold hard facts. The amazing people over at Simply Measured have produced a really interesting infographic on the scope of Social Media in 2016, you can check this out here. What’s interesting from the research is just how much marketers have been embracing digital media and gaining results.

90% of the marketers surveyed said that utilising Social Media is important for their business, that’s a big number right there, and really one that’s hard to argue with. However the real winner in this research is the stat of 89% of marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure of their business. The numbers from this research speak for themselves that embracing these channels can provide a quick, easy and effective way to expose your brand and products.

So if you’ve spent 2016 with your head under the desk, scared to Facebook to the world about your new product, then 2017 is the year to take the leap. With upcoming channels such as Snapchat proving beneficial for brands wanting to engage with younger audiences and reliable channels such as Facebook and Twitter still providing a great medium to share your news, it’s time to get social






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