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What will we be eating in 2019?

09 Jan, 2019

Read our thoughts on the latest food trends that we will be tucking into this year.

The availability of vegan food has been on the increase for some time but this year it is forecast to really come into its own in terms of choice. About time too! I hear you vegan enthusiasts say. M&S has recently rolled out a 60 strong plant-based range and many other supermarkets are investing heavily in their vegan lines reflecting the growing demand for meat and dairy-free alternatives. Vegan junk food is on the up too with the likes of jack fruit burgers. Sounds weird but in truth barbecued jack fruit mimics the taste of pulled pork so it works, honest! And, to add to it’s growing range Waitrose has introduced fish-free ‘fish fingers’ made from breaded seaweed tofu with a crispy coating and “subtle fish flavour”. No surprise then that Veganuary is on track to overtake Dry January with young adults driving the trend.

What will we be eating in 2019?As well as vegan we are seeing other healthy eating trends take off. More beans and grains varieties are hitting the shelves.Grain lovers will be pleased with the availability of Kamut otherwise known as a Khorasan or Oriental wheat. With about 30% more protein than standard wheat, Kamut is also rich in magnesium, zinc, selenium and many micronutrients so definitely worth a try if you want to adopt a healthier diet.

Flavoured butters have been making headlines for a little while and with good reason. Restaurants are driving this trend and food lovers are lapping them up. So, watch out for the likes of chicken flavoured butter, seaweed butter and even date butter. Any one of them thinly spread on crackers or nutty bread is just heaven.

Other trends to watch out for are:

  • Drinking vinegar has long been hailed as healthy but it doesn’t taste great. Well until now. Introducing Kombucha – a blend of fruits, sugar with added vinegar which ferments into a delicious drink - that is finding favour across the globe.
  • Retro foods from decades ago are making a comeback. Remember Arctic Roll? Or what about Black Forest Gateau, Chicken Kiev or good old prawn cocktail? These classic foods from the 70s and 80s are popular again.
  • Meat cooked with spices is not new but have you noticed chefs adding a savoury element to traditional desserts? How about a savoury doughnut?
  • Puffed lentils anyone? Healthier snacks are on the increase and you’ll find a good selection in health food shops as well as big supermarkets.Look out for popped wild rice, popped peas and puffed quinoa, making a crispy nutritious snack alternative.

What will we be eating in 2019?

These are just some of the trends to watch out for. Some will stick while some will quickly fall by the wayside but either way it promises to be an interesting year ahead on the food scene.

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