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Kikkoman’s School of Cookery

18 Mar, 2015

We were tasked with creating an educational tool to give inspiration to those new to Kikkoman and to keep the brand lively and relevant to our core of loyal consumers.

The Challenge

Kikkoman’s School of CookeryWe identified some issues that needed addressing such as confusion over light and dark soy sauces. And it was evident that a percentage of consumers only ever used Kikkoman in oriental cooking and hadn’t discovered its ability to transform everyday dishes.

What we did

Kikkoman Soy Sauce is the number one choice for professional chefs, and who better to talk up the great taste and quality of Kikkoman and the subtle flavour it adds to everyday cooking than the best in the business. Building on its successful advertising campaign we launched the +K School of Cookery. Using the fabulous TV chef and ex Masterchef winner, Dean Edwards we created six inspired cookery web films. By posting them on the Kikkoman website and across a number of digital channels we introduced a little of Kikkoman’s soy sauce magic to family favourites from burgers and one-pot chicken to a simple mushroom pasta bake. The chosen dishes were a mix of family, dinner party and quick and easy to appeal across all levels of skill and occasion.

We used some of Dean’s beautifully photographed recipes and top tips within a print media campaign specifically targeting retailer magazines. The +K School of Cookery was also supported by social media and broadcast.


Consumer hits on the website were higher than expected and feedback concluded that the key brand messages were delivered in an engaging and helpful way. More great recipes and web films can be added as we move forward with the +K campaign, translating to +K= more happy families.

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