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Reaching Radio

09 Jan, 2017

A quick look at how FML PR reached some key radio stations for the British Turkey campaign

We were asked to talk up the great taste of turkey ahead of Christmas so what better way than to deliver delicious turkey to poplar radio presenters. We wanted impact so went with a whole roasted turkey and added some buttered rolls so presenters could enjoy hot-filled turkey baps for lunch.

FML managed to twist the arm of a top home economist (thanks Vic!) who kindly agreed to start cooking our turkeys at 4am to ensure our deliveries were in good time, starting with the breakfast shows.

On Friday 9th December 5 beautifully succulent roasted turkeys from British Turkey and the TFTA winged (sorry!) their way across London. The results, well, they speak for themselves…..

Reaching Radio

Chris Evans tweeted a picture of himself enjoyed his turkey roll.

On-air mentions from:

Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Radio 2 – full key messages were read plus websites

Chis Moyles – The Chris Moyles Show, Radio X – highlight of whole turkey plus website

Toby Anstis, Heart London 106.2 – brief mention thanking for whole turkey

Simon Mayo, Drivetime, BBC Radio 2 – thank you for delivery

Plus Twitter Coverage:

Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Radio 2

Toby Anstis, Heart London 106.2

Heart Life‏@thisisheartlife

There's no better festive lunch than a turkey roll! thanks @britishturkey@TimeForTurkey#talkingturkey

Thanks so much for the early Christmas lunch @britishturkey@TimeForTurkey#TalkingTurkey

Matt Wilkinson‏@Matt_Wilkinson

Only in radio does someone send in a whole roasted bird to eat. Thanks @britishturkey#talkingturkey

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